Portfolio Review - January 2020, +2.5%

2020 Total Return: 2.5% (-0.7% vs Nasdaq 100)

2021 is off to a more normal start than the entirety of 2020.

No-one can expect to see the returns that some of us saw last year.

Then the normalcy stopped at the end of the month, when Gamestop, AMC, Nokia, Blackberry become the most traded stocks on the market. Overtaking the news in the process.

I won’t provide any details here but will reiterate that it’s crucial to have a clear strategy and stick to it, especially during wild times like these.

The entire scenario left me completely unphased. I just stuck to my portfolio holdings and enjoyed following the madness from the sidelines.

Portfolio & Performance 2021

  • Portfolio: +2.5%

  • Nasdaq: +3.2%

  • All World Index: +0.5%

Current Portfolio - End of January

I made four moves in January (per-share price in €)



It was my smallest position, which I will re-open at a later point in time. I raised some cash to have it on hand for upcoming opportunities.


Sea Limited

High conviction in this company. Profitable Gaming business funds the growth in their Fintech and E-Commerce endeavors. Both are growing like weeds. I expect this one to grow into the valuation over the years and provided strong returns in the next decade.

I added to my position.



My thesis for starting a small position in Agora was simple. I look at recent IPOs after the lock-up period has expired.

I got caught in the recent hype about Clubhouse. This fast-growing App utilizes the voice tech provided by Agora.

Betting on $API is a bet on the booming voice trend. They provide the picks and shovels for this tailwind that I am very bullish on.

Also, Agora powers quite a few of the Dating apps. Those tend to see the strongest demand in Q1. After a lackluster Q3, this could provide additional upside the stock has run up so much in a short period of time. The stock has more than doubled since my purchase, and I will need to re-visit after the next quarterly call what I will do here.


Love owning a European success story.

Another company that provides the infrastructure that other companies build on top off. They are a global payment platform that generates a lot of their revenue from transaction size based settlement fees.

E-Commerce is seeing a boom and will continue to do so for years and decades to come. Even old stalwarts like eBay are showing strong numbers again, which has moved all their payments to go through Adyen’s product offering.

While Stripe is constantly hyped as the FinTech play that everyone is waiting on to go public, Adyen is hiding in their shadow, delivering strong execution for years now.

Valuation is high, which isn’t a surprise these days, but I got in at a price that I feel comfortable building a position on top of.

Here’s my portfolio composition as of 6th February.

Top Performers - January

Agora almost instantly delivered 37% after my purchase by the end of January. Teladoc caught some momentum after moving sideways for the latter part of 2020.

Baidu and IAC also continued their run after doing nothing for the entire first half of last year. Patience does get rewarded when you find an undervalued play on the market.

Thank you for following my investment journey. I hope you found this useful, and here's to an exciting February!

Thank you for reading!

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