The University of Jeff Bezos

Everyone quotes and cites Buffett. My investment heroes are different. I have been influenced the most by Peter Lynch and Amazon.


The “University of Bezos” is right there for you to take advantage of. His annual shareholder letters are written so well and clear, providing you with priceless lessons in leadership, culture, execution, personal development, and of course, investing.

In less than 100 pages, he’ll teach you more about several topics than a 400-page book focusing on one singular topic. At the very least, it should get you curious to dive deeper into some of the issues that he covers.

He has invented the playbook that most high growth companies are following nowadays.

One hit song, one hit game, one key investment can be life-changing. Understanding the concepts in his letters can only help one’s journey in finding the next Amazon.

These letters shouldn’t be hidden on an investor relations page.

Here they are all compiled into one PDF

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